Promoting Education

In remote communities rural schools are often overlooked and chronically under resourced. Our priority is the development of education in the Nyae Nyae region. We aim to change one life at a time empowering local San communities.

Our key initiatives are:

  • Text Books and Learning Materials for all San learners
  • Supporting San students from the Nyae Nyae region in tertiary education
  • School Development Program for the development of San schools

surpliesText Books and Learning Materials

Lack of curriculum text books and learning materials is a major barrier in the delivery of education.

In 2009 and 2010 the Ju/'hoansi Development Fund delivered a consignment of text books and learning materials to Tsumkwe Secondary School. In total we delivered over 600 curriculum text books, 3600 exercise books, 600 pens, 20 reams of photo copy paper, one microscope, one digital projector, one overhead projector, one model of the heart, one model of the eye, one distillation apparatus, over 40 education posters, 250 maths sets, 250 rullers, 250 rubbers, and 2000 sticks of chalk.

In 2013 and 2014 we were putting all our efforts into buying learning material for all of the Nyae Nyae Lower Primary Village Schools and renovating some of them. This includes plastering walls, painting, fixing windows and doors. This is a short term solution as the regional director of education has asked the Ju/'hoansi Development Fund to find funding to completely re-build the schools and infrastructure. More about this exiting project below.

Tertiary Education

Tertiary education provides a critical link in empowering San communities. Our tertiary education program matches potential San students with donors and scholarship programs. With direct contact with students, higher education colleges and the University of Namibia, we administrate funds, provide student support and give feed back to potential donors and scholarship programs.

In December 2012 our first San student at Windhoek College of Education recieved his diploma. Calvin Kazibe a Khwe San from Tsumkwe is enrolled in a Basic Education Teachers Diploma and intends to return to Tsumkwe Primary School as a upper primary teacher in 2013.

Thanks to the support of a donor I am now a teacher at Tsumkwe Primary School.

Calvin Kazibe

Learner at deskSchool Support Program

It cannot be underestimated how the lack of basic education facilities negates the learning process, creating a downward spiral with few opportunities for San learners to complete formal education. Together with potential partners and donors we are committed to the development of schools in the Nyae Nyae region. The Ju/'hoansi Development Fund is initiating a project to develop all the Lower Primary Village Schools (Grade 1-3) in the region. More information about this exiting project will follow soon.


The Ju/'hoansi Development Fund is very happy to work in partnership with the publishers Gamsberg Macmillan and Longman Namibia.


Longman Publisher

The Ju/'hoansi Development Fund would like to thank publishers Longman Namiba for supporting our 'School Text Book Program'. Longman publish a full spectrum of educational materials. Textbooks are compiled locally and internationally by recognised educationalists and teachers reflecting local and socio-cultural educational needs.

Macmillan Publisher

The Ju/'hoansi Development Fund would also like to thank publishers Gamsberg Macmillan Publishers in Namibia for supporting our school text book program.

Gamsberg Macmillan Publisher is part of the international educational division of Macmillan Publishers Limited. Macmillan has been publishing books in Africa for nearly 40 years. For more information:


The Ju/'hoansi Development Fund supports //Ami Ghau (Grade 8) and /Ukxa Bamkxao (Grade 7) the highest graded learners from the Village School Program, currently at Tsumkwe Primary and Tsumkwe Secondary School.