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The Ju/'hoansi Development Fund was founded by South African photographer David Bruce and /Ui Kunta, a Ju/'hoan living in the Nyae Nyae Conservancy. As a result of their friendship and /Ui's passion for education the fund was set up to further the development of San educational in the Nyae Nyae region. The Ju/'hoansi Development Fund is a registered charity in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands and a non-profit organization in Namibia.

/Ui Kunta

/Ui Kunta /Ui Kunta was born in Tsumkwe in 1974. He was educated by the South African Army in //Nhoq'ma and Tsumkwe during the South African occupation of South West Africa.

/Ui has an exceptional knowledge of local flora and a passion for tour guiding. He currently lives in Tsumkwe where he works as a freelance tour guide and oversees his children's education.

guinea fowlDavid Bruce

David Bruce was born in 1963. He studied fine art and graphic design in South Africa before taking up photography at the London College of Printing in London.

His photographs stand as works of art and his social commitment born out of a rare level of contact with the Ju/'hoan people.

In 2007 he produced a limited edition book: N//oq!'ae Ju/'hoansi, raising funds in support of education in the Nyae Nyae Conservancy. More information can be found under Book. The Ju/'hoansi call David 'Bagon/hui', loosely translated it means 'able to hear'. With a hearing below speech level David wear's a bone anchor hearing aid.


Nyae Nyae Conservancy


The Ju/'hoansi Development Fund is grateful to Alex Barten, Guus van Lamoen, Nicolette van der Meer, and Laurens Molegraaf. They provided an important contribution to realizing this website.