The Ju/'hoansi Development Fund is a grassroots organization supporting the Ju/'hoansi (San) Bushmen and their cultural environment in the Nyae Nyae Conservancy, Namibia.

We believe San communities are most effectively helped only if they are empowered to help themselves.

auruPromoting Education

Education is the most effective means to protect cultural traditions allowing the Ju/'hoansi to evolve their own culture without loosing the heart of it. The value and significance of education is not limited to inheriting culture, investment in education enables the Ju/'hoansi to brake the cycles of poverty that prevents them from determining their own future. Education is the first step leading to awareness and development.

Ju/'hoan elders believe their children must combine formal education with cultural traditions to meet the challenges that surround them.

We have the ability to be doctors and lawyers.

Tsamkxao Oma - Ju/'hoansi Traditional Councilor

Potential site layoutNyae Nyae Village School project

2017 will see the start of an intervention for five Village schools (grade 1-4), the place where the Ju/'hoansi start their school career. The project will be combining the construction of improved physical infrastructure and supply of up-to-date education equipment and materials with ongoing support in the form of training of educators, transport to schools, management and the provision of supplies, including food. In addition, a special focus will be placed on the engagement of parents and the wider community.

Planned physical infrastructure must be environmentally friendly and sustainable, built using local materials and labour as far as possible, and the design needs to reflect Ju/'hoan culture. The buildings themselves must be friendly, functional and have low maintenance requirements. The Ju/'hoansi Development Fund is pleased to be working with Nina Maritz Architects, a practice that incorporates a full spectrum of private, government and corporate design and construction work, in Windhoek. Nina Maritz has a strong focus on environmental, sustainable and community-based projects.

At this moment we are laying the last hand at the project plan and detailed budget, negotiation with the Namibian government and other stakeholders and soon the fundraising will begin. Will you help us getting started?

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In June 2013 Griftland College in the Netherlands raised 12,540.00 for Learning Materials for six Village Primary Schools.

In total our 'School Text Book and Learning Materials Program' has raised 25,157.00 (N$ 342,423.00 Namibian Dollars). Many thanks to all those who have made donations.


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